Is The Session Title Really That Important??

by Stacy DeMarse in Tips on Tuesday at August 2, 2016

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The goal of the conference organizer is for the session titles, descriptions and learning objectives to spark interest AND accurately match the presentation that is delivered.

So why is so little time spent on crafting the best session titles, descriptions and learning objectives? Most conference organizers spent a large volume of time designing the brochure layout and rely heavily on session titles, descriptions and learner objectives provided by speaker proposals. These proposals are usually very dry and not written very well. Or to spice things up, they ask the marketing department to craft titles and descriptions with a lot of flash but often don’t accurately correspond with the presentation. Accurate and enticing session descriptions are as important as the format of the brochure and the caliber of the speaker. Attractive session titles, clearly articulated descriptions with a dash of pizzazz and well written learning objectives increase the chance that conference participants will attend the session.

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