Using Unique Venues to Create a More Successful Event

by Stacy DeMarse in Trends at August 22, 2016

Bush Institute Entrance Photo

One of the biggest challenges with some of our association clients is how do we create an event more engaging and successful event than last year without adding to the budget!   One way we have been able to successfully accomplish this is by taking our events outside of the hotel.  In Dallas, we recently held an annual conference at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.  About 1/3 of our marketing was centered around the center itself. Included in their conference cost was a guided tour of the center followed by unique networking opportunities in some pretty cool places throughout the venue.  Although we always have top notch speakers and content, this gave us another unique aspect to market and help draw attendees. Although there was a venue rental, the cost of catering was less expensive than typical hotel F&B so we could include the cost of the tour and still come in on budget.  If you are looking for your next event venue, consider taking a look at concert halls, art galleries, museums or sports venues just to name a few.