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Name Badge –  What Should Be On Them?

by Stacy DeMarse in Tips on Tuesday at September 27, 2016

What should you have on a Name Badge? Conference Theme – keep your branding consistent by adding the conference theme to the top or the bottom of your conference badge First Name First – First name should be on its own line and it should clearly stand out. Full Name – […]

Not Every Badge is Created Equal!

by Stacy DeMarse in Tips on Tuesday at September 20, 2016

The look and feel of a conference badge is a reflection of the conference itself.  As you start to develop your theme, taking time to evaluate what style badge is appropriate for your event should be high on your list!  Not every badge is created equal so how do you […]

by Stacy DeMarse in Tips on Tuesday at September 13, 2016

Set the Tone for Your Event

Registration and Check-in Registration is the first chance you have to make an impression on your attendees.  A well-polished check-in process sets the tone for the caliber of the event to come.  As you start to design your check-in process consider what experience you want for your attendees?  Do you […]

by Stacy DeMarse in Tips on Tuesday Trends at September 6, 2016

Using iPads at Registration Check-In

If you are looking to increase the flow and efficiency of your on-site registration consider using iPads. Adding iPads to your registration will allow you to easily determine if an attendees is registered and direct them to the appropriate table to either pick-up their badge or direct them to on-site […]

by Stacy DeMarse in Trends at August 30, 2016

How to Manage Special Dietary Requests

Recently one of our associates attended an industry conference geared towards event planners. As you can imagine, the expectation for perfection is pretty high for the event planner coordinating an conference for other event planners! Our associate does not eat red meat, which was communicated during registration.  At on-site registration they […]