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Through our years of experience, creativity, and attention to detail, we sculpt experiences that capture the essence of the destination.

Incentive programs are designed to motivate your employees, inspire them to reach for their goals and to reward their accomplishments and recognize them for a job well done. The key to successful incentive trips is to start with flexibility, imagination and knowledge of your audience!  Travel continues to rank highly as an incentive among millennials, gen x’ers, baby boomers and traditionalists but what type of travel motivates these groups could greatly vary.  If you can identify what truly drives engagement and performance with your audience we can create a customized trip to include all of those elements.


One way to appeal to diverse groups is to offer multiple destination options. For example, you could offer three programs of equal value that gives attendees the opportunity to choose from destinations that include sun/sand, a dude ranch or an urban experience. Choice is incredibly motivating and when attendees are allowed to choose the experience, it becomes personal. Once you know what inspires your participants, you can speak to them in a more customized and engaging way.


Another way to drive engagement among diverse groups is to give them a choice of different activity tracks on a single trip. The secret to accomplishing this is to work with a reliable partner such as DeMarse who can add special touches to the activity so that earners get access to a once-in-a-lifetime experience, something that goes beyond the typical experience a vacation-goer would experience.


At DeMarse we create programs that recognize achievement, communicate key ideas, bring people together and create value through group experiences. We design, develop and deliver the most creative and compelling incentive programs using your knowledge of what motivates your attendees.  From an idea’s inception to the reward’s culmination, we help our clients deliver tangible results, increase productivity, reduce costs and drive growth. The end result – powerfully motivational corporate incentive and employee recognition programs that improve your team’s morale and performance.

Why hire DeMarse?

Why should you hire us to design, develop and deliver the best incentive program your organization has ever had???  The answer is simple, our people!!  The same team that will meet with your management to understand your goals and what motivates your employees will not only develop the programs but manage the operation.  We get to know you as an organization and most importantly your attendees on a personal level which allows us to better customize future trips!  And for us consistency is the key with our staff.   We take time to get to know your attendees and typically know all of them by a first name basis, no matter how large the group is, which ensures every attendee feels like a VIP.


If you are looking to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your attendees, without breaking the bank, and want to have a good time working together to plan this amazing experience then you have found the right team!


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