Corporate Header: MediFuture

Before any plan of action is conceived, all the pieces must be laid out and examined. There needs to be an understanding of the overall brand and the audience with whom it will engage.

That means we ask a lot of questions, use a lot of sticky notes, consume gallons of coffee and wear out a lot of Sharpies all to get to that smashing concept that will amaze your audience − one that will propel them to become your best brand advocates.

  • Concept Development
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Branding
  • Creative Direction


Drawing on many sources of inspiration, including art, interior design, fashion, video, pop culture, technology, and lifestyle trends, we build the visual design and interactive elements in a way that infuses your brand story and strengthens your message. The environment, the sounds, the feel, the interaction – all are designed with intention and allow your audience to become actively engaged and compelled to respond emotionally.

  • Theme Development & Graphic Design
  • Stage Treatment
  • Lighting & Audio Visual
  • Projection & Video


Planning involves a LOT of detail. It requires our team to walk through every touch point your guest will experience to ensure no detail is left unplanned. We accomplish this the old fashioned way by making lists of each and every detail of your program and we get true delight in seeing those details come to life.

  • Site Selection & Contract Negotiation
  • Menu Customization & Price Negotiation
  • Agenda Management
  • Budget Development
  • Logistics
  • Timeline Management
  • Vendor Contracting
  • Registration
  • Show Management
  • Sponsorship Sales & Marketing
  • Exhibit Hall Sales & Marketing
  • Exhibit Hall Design & Management


We have a rich history in live production. With foresight, flexibility, and precision, we consistently deliver a final experience that is on cue and on brand. We spend time assembling the right team, discuss all potential problems and develop a Plan B, C and D. We know how to build emotion, hit home a concept and understand how incredibly powerful it is when it all comes together.

  • Run of Show
  • Production Management