We help you achieve your objective

We Understand Meetings

Our work is built on a simple approach: We believe that events, while important, are simply a means to an end. You don’t have an event just to have an event. Your event is a way to generate more advocates, more dollars and more awareness for your organization. So when you partner with DeMarse Meetings, we don’t just help you put on a great event.

We help you achieve your objective.

The purpose of your event is integrated into the entire event experience. Every step participants take brings them closer to your mission.

We are a team of professional chameleons. Your event feels like your brand. Our team becomes your in-house event team, working with you to bring out the best in your brand. We’re not just the hired hands putting up your tents, we’re your partner from start to finish, building the event experience from the ground up. From concepting and cost models, to participant fundraising support and post-event analysis.

While your participants are having an unforgettable experience, we’re working behind the scenes with a flawless production plan that accommodates for every eventuality. An event goes right because we’ve planned for the million little things that can go wrong.

Behind every smiling participant having a fun time is a smart plan, designed and implemented by the hard-working DeMarse Meetings team.