Not Every Badge is Created Equal!

by Stacy DeMarse in Tips on Tuesday at September 20, 2016

The look and feel of a conference badge is a reflection of the conference itself.  As you start to develop your theme, taking time to evaluate what style badge is appropriate for your event should be high on your list!  Not every badge is created equal so how do you determine which style to use for your event?

To get started ask yourself a few questions:


  • How much information needs to be on the front of the badge?
  • Do I need to showcase a sponsor logo in addition to the conference logo?
  • What information about the attendee needs to be included?
  • What budget do I have to spend on name badges and lanyards?
  • Are these one time badges or will I want to reuse the inventory for future events?


Once you find the answers to those questions, determining your name badge for us is pretty simple.  We have produced thousands of events and by trial and error have perfected our process.  Here are our favorite two options:


Reusable Name Badges for Association Meetings

The best name badge we have ever used is the 3’ x 4’ magnetic back name badge.  It is made of a harder plastic so it is not a flimsy as the cheap clip badges and attendees will LOVE the magnetic back.  They cost a little more to purchase up front, but as long as you put recycle bins up at the conclusion of your event you will have reusable inventory that your attendees will really appreciate.

Attaching sticky ribbons to the plastic badge are the easiest way to destroy your reusable inventory so think about adding a printed color strip at the bottom of the paper badge. This can be done using different colors to signify board members, spouses, new members, etc. The best part, no sticky residue left behind!


One-Time Use Conference Badges

3.75” x 5” laminated badge is the way to go.  You can easily brand and still have plenty of real estate to put the attendees information plus put a category strip on the bottom.  The back of the badge can easily be printed with an agenda at a glance to make it dual purpose.  And always consider branding the sponsor logo on the lanyard and leave the name badge for your conference branding.


Not sure which options is the best for your event?  Give us a call!  DeMarse Meetings & Events Agency – We Will Work Our Heels Off For You!