Memorial Day: More Than Just A Three Day Weekend

In honor of Memorial Day coming up on Monday, DeMarse Meetings wants to share a very touching moment that took place during the HFMA Florida Spring Conference, which was recently held at the Tampa Renaissance International Plaza Hotel.


In conjunction with the “Healthcare Survival Academy” theme, the group kicked off the conference with keynote speaker First Sgt. Matt Eversmann. First Sgt. Eversmann is a testament to the true nature of war and heroism. He was immortalized in the epic film Black Hawk Down (his character was played by Josh Hartnett), which tells the heroic account of a group of elite US soldiers sent into Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1993 as part of a UN peacekeeping operation. Young Rangers and veteran Delta Force soldiers fought side by side, outnumbered and surrounded, for 18 hours in the most hostile district of Mogadishu until a rescue convoy could be mounted to retrieve them. Committed to sharing the lessons he learned in the military, First Sgt. Matt Eversmann focuses on motivating all people, be they soldiers, students, or employees, through values-based leadership, encouraging them to do their best and dedicate themselves to a cause.




After First Sgt. Eversmann’s speech, during which he praised the courage of and thanked all current and retired members of the military for their service, HFMA Florida Spring Conference attendees had the opportunity to take photos and speak with First Sgt. Eversmann.


This opportunity proved to be a truly memorable one for Tom Kernan, a new HFMA member. Tom said, “While I served 6 years as an Officer in the Army National Guard, serving only in civil and campus disorders, the opportunity to shake hands and honor First Sergeant Matt Eversmann was overwhelming. I had to thank him for his service and this picture captured mutual appreciation. He surprised me by thanking me as well. While I will always remember this moment, the honor was all mine.”





First Sgt. Eversmann’s story reminds us that Memorial Day is about much more than enjoying a long weekend with family and friends. This Memorial Day, let us remember to honor those in the military who gave their lives so that we can enjoy the freedom we have today.